Consulting in Pharmaceutical marketing

  • Organizing the structure and activities of Marketing department (tailoring the structure and activities, creating Job descriptions, Roles and responsibilities, etc.)

  • Organizing the job activities of medical/sales representatives (time size and structure, optimization of efficacy, creation of Bonus scheme, educations in Client management, Presentation skills, Selling skills, Negotiation skills, investment management, etc.)

  • Market research and positioning of the company (market size, market shares, segmentation and targeting, 5P analysis, SWOT analysis, BCG grid analysis, etc.)

  • Product management – launch excellence, management of product lifecycle, maximization of product profitability during different stages of product lifecycle

  • ATL and BTL promotion of pharmaceutical product/medical device/medical service

Consulting in pharmaco-economics, health economics and market access

  • Creation of complete pharmacoeconomic analysis for the product

  • Creation of pharmacoeconomic dossier for Healthcare insurance fund (HIF)

  • Creation of strategic access to the market for the products with specific requests towards HIF (innovative drugs, orphan drugs, innovative health technologies)

  • Education in the area of negotiations with institutional decision makers (Governmental affairs)

Consulting in improvement of business processes

  • End-to-end creation and adaptation of processes in pharmaceutical business

Medical publishing

Arbor vitae Medical Publishing is an exclusive partner of a company Built By Doctors ( for the countries of Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Our portfolio of more than 1.200 publications is created for education of medical doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, as well as the patients and their carers. Please contac us for further details.